Crying for mother Zambia

I think there is something wrong when a government says there is nothing wrong with housing a former president in a home the Works and Supply Ministry is going to begin construction.  He already has a house (hence why assets are declared) but Yamfwa Mukanga has failed to see the value (nor think)  of say putting your full ministerial muscle to construct clinics, schools, vital infrastructure that the COUNTRY REALLY NEEDS. The presidents can wait, the country is crippled, citizens are tired of politicians assassin wealth and power while the so few are dying and starving. Its not like our population is a 100 million, we (you ministers) can do a great deal to get Zambia moving in the right direction. Journos’ stop pandering to the whims of politicians and do your job. Spewing filth about which minister has joined which party, what quarrel who has with whom, report the facts. Tell the world what’s really happening in Zambia.


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