note to Dora “silly” Siliya

Dora “Silly” Siliya, what gore you have to use the
beautiful language of Nsenga to show how low and
shallow you are. Instead of talking about issues that
pertain to development and peace you sort to insult a
people by talking about how YOU cannot keep your
mouth shut! How you have no morals nor tack in the
ways of politics. Surely you knew as you spoke that
you were clearly out of line and stupid in airing your
personal life issues during a campaign run. You
offered no real concert plans to help the people of
Petauke but rather sort to insult them by calling there
men “homosexuals” and asked them to rather admire
your beauty. What were you thinking? Do you
seriously think the Zambian people are so shallow?
Have politicians such as yourself not learned from
what is happening in the middle East? People are
wise now. We have internet and mobile phones, amd
can communicate over long distances. And you
choose to insult people and their intelligence openly
just because you are a minister. Listen carefully: the
wold is a small place, your words will be remembered
for a long time and if you think you are such an
honest woman think again. It is sad to think that
when Zambia’s history is written you might have a
place in it. But mark my words silly woman, as long
as am alive amd others whi feel the passion to
preserve the dignity of Zambian women I WILL NOT,
nor will I place you, mention you in the same breath
as some of Zambias’ more honorable women. Women
who added class and dignity and worth to my country;
women who make me proud to call myself a
Zambian. Such great women as MINA SOKO, MAMA
chosen a path of hate and stupidity and thus you will
be remembered as a stupid-dishonorable-usless-
spiteful-woman with no value. God have mercy on
your soul.


One thought on “note to Dora “silly” Siliya

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