clearing the path

isn’t funny when it all comes down to it. You have to make a decision. Other than that you are screwed. Its said that when you set upon a journy you must take a path. And you must clear that path so that you may not lose your way. Coz if the path has a bunch of leave on it you will not know when you have left your path.

So am clearing my. And am maknig some tough choices I tell you. But it has to be done. Life must move on and well hell leaves have to be raked and burned. So there am doing it. am cleaning and clearing my path so i can better see where am going. So my credo from now on is: Carpe Diem!(I know that most people have the same one)  Note also am cuttin off all those that wantto slow a nigga down or just give my life hell. Beware and packing a leaf blower and matches…you block my path ama blow you away and set your ass on fire. So don’t get in my way.  or ass bout to get it!


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