Put a smile on a strangers face

“I wanted to put a smile on a strangers face. Your number came to mind. ‘Do what you can, with what you can, where you are. Smile…life and be happy. Be grateful, show gratitude and appreciation. Pause and count your blessings’. Have an amazing day” – (no name) +233 27 955 6534
These words came to me via text this morning and I had no idea who sent them coz the number that sent them is disconnected. But it took me until about an hour go to realize that the person who sent this was someone unknown to me and someone who had no knowledge of what I was going though coz I’ve pretty much kept to myself up until now. Only god and I know what is going on. But these word have touched me and they have done what the person intended them to do. They have touched me and put a smile on my face. They have freed me form a burden I was carrying all this time and as the song goes “I can see clearly now”. It’s wonderful to be a recipient of such divine and holy words even if the Peron sending them has no clue as to what they mean to the recipient. I feel blessed and I send all of these blessing back to my sender (no name) +233 27 955 6534.
I am so happy now that I have had the time to look through these words: ‘Do what you can, with what you can, where you are’. Since I have been here I have not done much with the gift God gave me and I think its time I put that to use. Because only then can I ‘Smile…life and be happy’. The revelation for me here is so profound. I see and realize so much that I feel almost silly. But I know that now I must be vulnerable before I can receive what I must have from God and see what He is trying to tell me about the course I should take in my life. And with all these things I must ‘Be grateful, show gratitude and appreciation’. All the while ‘Pause [ings] and count your blessings’. Amen. I have seen that God truly does work in mysterious ways: talking to us in ways and means that only we can understand. So to my (no name) +233 27 955 6534 sender I say God bless you and give you a long life


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