60 sec Read: What is my priority

So many problems on this earth that one goes through and I am always wondering which one’s do I tackle first? Do I worry about climate change or famine? Do I worry about keeping my job and risking not furthering my education? Do I get married and have children or stay a bachelor until am economically ready to get married? Where would I find money to further my studies and get a promotion? All these things weight heavy on my mind. But a friend of mine made me realize that the other day that, for those of us luck enough, we don’t than God for the little that we have.

There are people who cannot afford to spend $1 on trivial things. We are not thank full of that we can get up and eat ice cream at any time we want when there are people out there that just want to put 3 square meals on their table. We are thankless and have misled priorities. Am not saying feel bad for having a good life, no. am saying even if you have a good life, thank God you do even more. Thank his for the little you have

© 2010 Musyani Vwambanji Sichalwe, Accra, Ghana


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